Collection Dispute Letter


A collection dispute letter is written by an individual or company to a collection or finance over a collection figure. The sender is writing to discuss the stated amounted requested by the collection or finance company. This kind of letter should be accompanied by proof to counter the collection or finance company’s figures. It is not wise to have dispute without having correct facts and figures to support the dispute.

A collection dispute letter is written to solve the matters related to the collection of money. It is a formal letter written by a superior to their subordinate. One must mention what exactly is the issue and along with it, you should also provide the proof to support the claim. The facts must be true to their nature. Otherwise, the letter could be termed as a hoax by the employee. Once through the letter, you have to check for grammatical errors.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of collection dispute letter.


Travis L. Nieves,

2047 Rainbow Drive,
Perry Heights, OH 44646

The United States of America



White River Refinancing Services

4122 White River Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84116

The United States of America

Dear Sir,

Subject: Dispute over the Collection figures

I am writing to dispute over the collection figures in your January month statement for my car loan of car license SALT 38720 TN.

According to my records, every month’s repayment has been settled; the last two months’ repayments were slightly late but nevertheless settled before DD/MM/YYYY. This happened as I received my salary late and couldn’t make the payment on the due date. Apologies for that. Attached are copies of the payments for October to December YYYY.

Hence, the collection for the month of January should refer to the January month only, and not inclusive of November and December 2016 months. Kindly verify my payments to correct the collection figures for a current payment amount. Please waive the interest charges and late charges too, as I did inform your service counter about my late payments. Though I know it is only a mistake on your part and not done intentionally; I advise you to look properly and inform me about the same as soon as possible.

I hope to hear favorably from you soon on the collection figures of my car repayment loan. I have faith that you will look closely into this matter and resolve it soon.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Travis Nieves

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