Client Appreciation letter

Client Appreciation letter


A Client Appreciation letter is written by a company to its client for being a loyal patron and strong supporter of the company. The letter would be full of appreciation and gratitude towards the customer, the recipient of the letter. The body of the letter describes how the patronage and loyalty of the client have benefitted the company and helped them grow and become better in their field over the years.

Such a letter is often written by business professionals or groups to show their appreciation of their customer’s patronage. The letter must be polite in tone with the language showing gratitude and appreciation. The company might also enclose discount coupons or incentives as a token of their appreciation. Remember to address each client by their name in order to improve your standing with the client. Also,  if possible, mention a particular event related to the customer that proved their loyalty to the company and earned its appreciation.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Client Appreciation Letter.


Mark Byron
Sales Manager
Brighton Light Industry
Lakewood, GA 35513

June 20, 2010


Lee Anna Barnes
Managing Director
Barnes Enterprise
4728 Bungalow Road
Arlington, NE 68002

Dear Ms. Barnes,

RE: In Appreciation

On behalf of Brighton Light Industry Management, I am pleased to note your esteemed company’s consistent patronage via your order of our goods for the past year. We have taken note of the loyalty shown by your company in its business with us, and that has earned our respect and appreciation. We are delighted to list Barnes Enterprise as one of our top 10 clients for the year 2010 in as per the business transactions conducted by our companies. Hence, in appreciation of the high volume of business recorded by Barnes Enterprise, it is my pleasure to invite you to accept our ‘Top Client’ award which will be presented to you during our 15th Anniversary Celebration, to be held on June 30th.

The ‘Top Client’ award will be presented to you at the Anniversary Dinner to be held at the 5-star Milky Way Hotel in downtown Arlington. Bedrooms and valet services have already been booked in your name. We can also send one of our representatives to guide you to the venue should the need arise. We also have some surprise coupons available as a token of our appreciation that shall, we hope, please you and your family or friends.

We hope that you or a Barnes Enterprise representative will be present to grace the occasion and provide us with the opportunity to express our gratitude. We look forward to your presence and wish you the very best in your business.

Thank you again for your kind patronage.


Lee Anna Barnes

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