Claim Letter

A Claim Letter is written when the writer faced a loss through a damage. The damage can be materialistic to him or his people. There are many types of claims it can be an insurance claim or a property claim or product claim or may be another. While writing a claim letter one has to contain the documents or the paperwork as proof. As you have to write this letter to a higher individual or official, it should be a formal one with decent tone.

The letter should explain the reason for the claim. If you want to claim a property the details of the property should be mentioned such as when you bought the property, area of the property etcetera along with it a copy of the property documents should be sent. If you are claiming for a product, then you should mention the product details such as the product name, model number, date when you bought the product, and along with it a copy of the bill should be sent. Contact details should be mentioned for further communication and process.

Sample Claim Letter

The sample claim letter is given below:



8-c, Geetha Residency,

Bal Nagar,





The Manager,

Sono Vision,

Chanda Nagar,


Dear Maneesh,

I am Manoj working as a Software Engineer in Tata Consultancy Services. Recently I have bought a double door refrigerator of LG company with model number RSQM9801 from your shop on DD/MM/YYYY. The reason why I am writing this letter is the product is not at all working. As it has been only two weeks since I bought the product, I want to claim for a new product with same features.

Before buying the product, you mentioned that it would work perfectly in any condition, but now I am very disappointed with the current status. Even though there is a warranty for the product, I do not want a service for it; I want a replacement for the product. I am attaching a copy of my bill so that you can have proof that it is bought from your store. If there are any doubts regarding this issue call me on 9685741235 or reach me at the above address after 6 PM. I have bought a number of products from your store and I also recommended your store to many of my relatives. As I am a regular customer, I think you will consider my case. Hope you would respond in a positive way.

Thank you.

With Regards



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