Church Welcome Letter

Introduction :

A welcome church letter is written to a new member to the church or even to a visitor to the church. The letter is intended to make the visitor or new member feel welcomed and comfortable with the church so that he or she may come again or stay on with the church. The church is a holy place that often provides a sense of peace to the ones who visit it regularly. However, when visiting the church for the first time, some might feel awkward. Writing a letter to welcome a new member or to a visitor, is a good gesture.

A welcome church letter is an informal sort of letter written by the church authority to its new member. In this letter, one can express how glad they are that the person joined the church and they look forward to him visit it regularly. The letter must be written in a pleasant tone

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of church welcome letter.


Pastor Brian Farmer,

Milwaukee Presbyterian Church.

3990 Haley Street
Milwaukee, WI 59900



Victoria N. Webster,

1462 Brookview Drive
Silsbee, TX 77656

Hello Ms. Webster,

Subject: Welcome to the Milwaukee Presbyterian Church

It was our pleasure to welcome you as our guest last week. We are glad to have you join our first service and to stay back for some coffee and refreshments. If there is any assistance which we can offer you during your visit to Milwaukee, please feel free to contact our church office. The church custodian, Mr. Joshua, is always there. We always welcome people to our church and help them in any possible way we can.

We have many weekday programs for your participation if you are interested in filling your time fruitfully. We would also appreciate an extra pair of hands on some of our outreach work. People come in this church to have peace of mind, and I believe many have even attained it. To encourage more people to join the church, we organize these programs which are a source of recreation and fun for the members.

If you were just passing through Milwaukee, we are glad you dropped by our church. We hope to see you again soon. We had a great time with you. It was nice to know that you stopped when you saw the church, not many do that. May god’s blessings and protection be upon you always.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely

Pastor Brian Farmer

Milwaukee Presbyterian Church

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