Church Fundraising Letter, Sample & Format

Church Fundraising LetterA church fundraising letter is written to the members of a church by its Pastor or Chairman with regards to a fundraising event organized by the church. The letter informs the church members of the church’s plans to raise funds for some specific purpose. The members are encouraged to participate in the cause.


Larry Padilla


Church Board

Milwaukee Baptist Church

3127 Whaley Lane
Milwaukee, WI 53202

January 29, 2011


Keith D. Mason

4348 Circle Drive
Houston, TX 77036

Dear Keith Mason

Re: Church Fundraising

It is my pleasure as the Church Board Chairman to inform you that our church is planning a fundraising event to purchase another building on Kelly Street, in conjunction with our outreach program.

From our community survey, there is a need to set up a church in the Fourth District to meet the needs of the community there. An available 3-storey building is available for sale at $1.2 million. After much discussion, the Church Board is agreeable to the purchase.

We are appealing to all members to participate in our fundraising to raise $1 million for the said purchase. Every community is encouraged to hold a fundraising event in the next six months.

Please refer to your community leader for details on the fundraising. Thank you for your active involvement in the church plans.

With God’s blessings,

Larry Padilla


Church Board

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