Church Donation Letter

Introduction :

A church donation letter is written by a church authority such as the pastor, requesting for donations from its members towards a charitable cause. The letter is simple in stating the purpose of the donation by the church to impact the community in some worthy manner. It is usually related to blessing the needy. The purpose of donation is always for a noble cause. Various organizations request donation from its members or sometimes even outsiders, for their support in the same.

A church donation letter is a formal letter. It should mention the person to whom the donation has to be submitted and also by when in addition to the purpose of donation. The church always aims at providing comfort to the needy, so its members should always try to help in any way they can. Once through the letter, check for grammatical mistakes.


Sample :

The following is the sample of church donation letter.



Reverend James Jones,

Cross of Jesus Church,

892 Goldie Lane
Hamilton, OH 45011


Date – January 29, 2017


Mary G. Murchison,

938 Holden Avenue
Hamilton, OH 45331.

Hi Mary,

Subject : Church Donation

As you know, our church has been experiencing a rapid growth in our Sunday numbers. That is indeed very good news as the community is responding to our outreach work every month with the feeding of the homeless in the neighborhood.

Hence, the church requires an expansion program where some renovations are required to an extent the side parlors to increase the seating capacity. With the increase in seating, we would be able to feed more hungry mouths at a time & will be fulfilling the purpose of a church. We have always wanted to work towards the welfare of the society in any way we can. However, this time, it isn’t possible with one person’s efforts as the amount required is huge.

We will need about $50,000 for the renovation works as have been estimated by a couple of contractors. It would be much appreciated if you can make a kind donation towards this renovation fund to hasten the renovation works. The plan has been drawn already, we just await your kind contribution towards making this a success.

I look forward to your kind donation soon. God bless you for your generosity in expanding His kingdom and in turn helping in carrying out a noble work of helping the needy.

Towards a Higher Calling,


Reverend James Jones

Cross of Jesus Church

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