Christmas Solicitation Letter


A solicitation letter for Christmas includes a proposal or appeal to people/organization for their support in organizing Christmas party, get together, etc. Solicitation letter can be written as a request for someone’s contribution in organizing a party or ceremony for a particular organization, generally, for a limited group of people, or it may be written for organizing social work also. The letter may be written for a monetary contribution or for the gifts that have to be distributed.

Since it is a solicitation letter, a formal requesting tone which gives a sense of personal touch must be maintained. This kind of letter help in building trustworthy relationships between both parties. The following is an example of Christmas solicitation letter, get an idea of the tone and things that can be added to make your letter sound pleasing and appealing to the receiver.

Sample Letter

This is the sample of Christmas Solicitation letter.



Sharanalya, Frazer Road,




Shirley Setia

Managing Director,

AdiPLab Trading Solutions, Inc.

Radium Road, Ranchi-834002

Subject: – Fund raising for women belonging to Sharanalaya.

Dear Setia,

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” – Mother Teresa.

Our institution ‘ Sharanalaya’ is working for the poor women and their children abandoned by their families because they were suffering from diseases. We work for such people to support them to sustain their lives and help their children to get a bright future.  We focus on making these women self-dependence by training them in their skilled fields. They are good at stitching, carving earthen lamps, wax materials, jewelry and much more. They make these for a complete year and Christmas is the most awaited festival for them, as it is during this time their sale is maximum.

I request you to kindly help us this Christmas by raising donations for them. They sell their product but earn only a small amount. Your trading company is actively involved in marketing community products. Therefore, we ask for your assistance. Your suitable approach will bring happiness in the lives of many, and the true spirit of Christmas will be achieved by helping them.

We hope that this will be the beginning of a long lasting relationship.

Thank you.

Sincere Regards,

Aditi Priya.

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