Christmas Party Invitation Letter


The invitation letter is a letter written by a known person or a person who is close to you and your family. This letter is written when you want to invite the recipient to your place to spend a quality with you and your family. This letter can be written to your friend or your colleague or your relative. As it is a letter written to known person, there is no need to follow a particular format to write this letter. This letter comes under an open type of letter.

As it is written to invite the recipient the invitation should be very clear. The letter should contain the details like the reason why you are inviting the recipient. If it is a party or function when he or she should come and to where he or she should come. In the end, mention their presence will make you happy.

Sample Letter:

The following is a sample of Christmas Party Invitation letter.



3-5, Harika Residency,






6-1, Sai Residency,

Anna Nagar,


Subject: Christmas Party Invitation

Dear Nikhil,

How are you? I am fine here, and I know you will be happy as you are a good person. It has been just seven months since our college days finished but I feel like it has been ages since we meet. You know the great friendship bond we have in our college. We used to have a lot of fun in those days. I still remember how we became friends. I am missing all those fun, so I planned to call you for the Christmas party at my house on 25th of this month.

I am also calling all our batch people so that we can have a college atmosphere in my house. I know that you feel inconvenient around elder people, so, to your concern, it is only our party, i.e., only our batch people will come to the party. I am first saying this to you only. Come two days before as we have to make some arrangements for the party. Don’t you dare to fail to come here, I will take serious action on you, and you know how I would react if you make me sad or unhappy. How are Aunt and Uncle? Convey my regards to them. Hope I will see you on 22nd of this month. If not I will come there and will beat you like anything. I know you won’t make me do that.

With Love,



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