Christmas Letter To Sister


Christmas letter to sister is a letter filled with emotions of the memories spent together, sharing special joyous moments of Christmas and about special gifts. The letter also exchanges best wishes of the new year as its arrival is just after the Christmas celebrations is over. The letter has the essence of love, blessings, memories, and wishes from brother/sister to his/her sister. These letters help to strengthen the bond between the siblings.

Since it is an informal letter so you can maintain a casual tone. Don’t forget to mention your plan for the Christmas if it needs preparation from your sister too. Such letters have an advantage as you can mark an apology if you have hurt your sister. Have a look at this letter to get an insight idea for writing a Christmas letter to sister.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample letter for Christmas letter to sister.






Subject: – Letter regarding wishes and blessings for Christmas.

Dear Jennie,

I have been eagerly waiting for this Christmas because after two long years of separation you will be at home to celebrate Christmas with us and especially with me. It seems as if we are still kids and eagerly waiting for our special gifts from Santa. Do you remember how Dad used to give us presents by keeping in our bedroom and used to tell in the morning that Santa bought it for us? He also used to tell that Santa sees us from the heaven and give points to the children who help others and behave well.  We always thought that our points would be decreased because we both fought a lot. It was the golden period of our life. Fighting annoyed me, and I got irritated with you. But now when I remember those fights, I feel sorry for my behavior towards you. I am sorry for all the sisterly tyranny I did upon you.

I am impatiently waiting for you so that I may show you that my love for you is intense in these years. I have bought gifts for Mom-Dad and some for the nursing home friends. I have planned not to waste money in buying crackers; rather we will visit some special abled school and distribute presents among them.

This Christmas is going a be super fun for us. Eagerly waiting for you to come with the presents. May God shower his blessings upon you always.

With Love,


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