Christmas Letter To Mother

Introduction :

Christmas is one of the most joyous occasions that is celebrated all around the world with a lot of enthusiasm. During this occasion, everyone gifts their loved ones and even write to them, if they live far away to tell them that they miss them. A Christmas letter to the mother is a letter written by an individual to his/her mother to wish her on occasion and also to let her know how much the person longs to be with them. It’s during festivities that we miss our family the most and what better than the letter to convey the same?

A Christmas letter to the mother is an informal letter written by an individual to his/her mother, conveying his/her regards on this occasion. It is a good way to reminisce the good old times of childhood during Christmas. It is a heartfelt letter and one of the very precious things to gift your mother.


Sample :

The following is the sample of Christmas letter to mother.



Ben Daniel,

JG17, Green campus,




Anaita Daniel,

D-8, Hill view colony,


Dear Mother,

Subject – Merry Christmas!

Dearest Mommy!

Warm greetings, dearest mother! It has been so long since I last visited you but what to do, work has been taking a toll on me, and I can’t find the time to visit anyone in the city itself. I miss you a lot. And especially during occasions as such. So first of all, wishing a Merry Christmas to you and dad and our little munchkin, Tanya.

I was recollecting the good old days of childhood when dad used to get ready as Santa Claus and would gift us whatever we had wanted that year. Those were the times that are never going to come back and this holiday season gives the nostalgia feeling a lot.

I have sent the gifts to you; I do hope it reaches you by tomorrow. I will try to come by new year as I am missing you all a lot. There’s a special Christmas function happening here in my company, so I will be celebrating with my colleagues. Do light a candle on my behalf too when you visit the church. I will soon join you guys.

Missing you all and thinking of you. Once again, a merry Christmas and an equally joyous holiday season.

Yours lovingly,

Ben Daniel,

JG17, Green campus,


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