Christmas Letter To Daughter


A Christmas Letter To Daughter is written before the Christmas Eve arrives. A Christmas letter is written to wish a merry Christmas to your little girl. This letter is sent to the daughter maybe because she is not staying with her parents or she is married.

The letter sends in greeting from her parents and also sends a message that could say that they are missing her and would like to her and her husband and their grandchildren. Along with a Christmas greeting, the letter can also have a new years eve greeting as the new year is just round the corner in the next week.

To make your daughter feel more at home when she receives and reads your letter, you can send in a few cookies from a store nearby. The best thing that you can do is bake a few cookies by yourself and send it across with the letter for her and her family. The example given below can help you write a Christmas Letter To Daughter when you are going to write one to her.




Sarah Williams,

2, Kemp Court,


New Jersey, USA.



Katherine Baker,

4, Julius Apartments,

King Circle,

Mexico, USA.

Dear Kate,

I hope you are doing well at home and adjusted to your new workplace. I also hope that Nick too is doing great with his new business of electronics. I am writing this letter to you to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you were here for the occasion so we could all enjoy the turkey and wine together as the entire family once again. Also, I haven’t met my grandchildren in the past three years, so I thought it was a good opportunity to see them again on Christmas.

I am sending a packet of cookies from your favorite store, The Cookie Express. I am also sending some other varieties for Nick and the children. I tried to bake a few cookies by myself, but I guess my skills in the kitchen are not as great as they were when you were younger.

I would also like to wish you for new years eve in case you receive this letter after Christmas. Wish you were here so we all could all spend some time together. Try making a plan sometime soon to visit your old parents.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Sarah Williams

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