Christmas Letter To Brother


Christmas marks the season of cheer, love, and happiness. Celebrated at the end of the year this is one of the most famous festivals across the globe. It is the time to write to near and dear ones and pass them your holiday greetings. In the west, this is often done through a family photo with a positive message at the back.

The letter under consideration here is a Christmas letter which is being written to the writer’s brother. The basic format and content of the letter remain the same regardless of whom you are writing to. But since it is your brother, it allows you to be more informal and up front about your feelings. It is advised to attach a family photo for this season’s greetings along with a personalized message to the person from each member of the family. This letter is accompanied by wishing the best and happy new year as well.



Kushagra Kumar

Flat 980

5th Avenue

New York



89th Floor, Glass towers


Subject: Christmas Greetings

Dearest Kushagra,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. I, along with the entire family wish you a very happy new year.

Oh, how I wish we could all be together for Christmas and the new year just like the last time. This is my favorite time of the year, and it holds such happy memories from our childhood. As I walk out of the house, I see the snow fall and reminisce about our snow ball fights as kids. How father would help us make the biggest snow man in the neighborhood.

Christmas eve was always the best. We would all sit under the tree sipping on our hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows on our toy oven. Oh, such happy times.

If you look at the other side of the letter, you will find a picture of the kids along with Ro. They all miss you so very much. So much has changed since you last visited. Akshat has grown 5 inches, and Mehr has lost two teeth! I must say, Mehr had very high expectations from the tooth fairy.

They all are looking forward to their summer vacations when they get to meet their favorite uncle Kush. I really can not wait for the summer either. I am already counting down the days!

I hope you’re taking care of yourself. I’m sending you your favorite chocolates along with this letter.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

All my love


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