Christmas Letter To A Friend


Getting a letter from old friends and family makes the reader happy and contented as the letter is the best way to convey the true feelings of oneself and sometimes when the words don’t come out from the mouth the letter does all the justice to the words and the sender. The letter is considered to be the best gift for any occasion and festival. Have a peek at the sample of this Christmas Letter To A Friend to get an idea of writing it on your own for your friend and become the Santa of your friend.

Receiving a letter at any festive season sounds great but getting the letter at the end of the year is something one wants to cherish for. Since Christmas is the festival to enjoy at the end of the year and getting a letter from a friend is the best gift a Santa could give. Letter strengthens the bond and relation between the sender and receiver. Pondering over the old memories and the time spent together with the old friends will bring a smile to the face of the recipient.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter for Christmas Letter To A Friend.



Tashu Apartment,

Flat No-84, Phase M,

Linkin Street, ME295,

Los Angeles.



Ms. Sara Christy,

Boot House,

Flat No-92, Phase A,

Bridge Street, LA529,

Los Angeles.

Dearest Sara,

It’s been too long since I wrote to you. Hope you are doing well with your life and taking good care of Uncle Ben and Aunty Maria.

Every Christmas season reminds me of the time we spent together celebrating with friends in Paris. The incident which happened in Paris on a night before Christmas brought me closer to you. Things which you did for me only parents and siblings could do but you did something beyond my expectations and saved my life. You are the Santa and savior of my life. Thinking of your love and help brings a smile on my face and I am going to cherish this throughout my entire life.

You made me merrier by giving me the gift of your friendship and love. This Christmas I thank you for being the most loyal, trustworthy and true friend of mine. I always pray to the Lord for you and your family’s good health, may the lord shower his abundant blessings on you and may the love and content that Christmas brings, always lit up inside you.

Convey my wishes to Aunty and Uncle. Hope to meet you in persons soon till then take good care of yourself.

I wish every member of your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

With Love,


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