Christmas letter from Santa


A Christmas letter from Santa is supposedly written by Santa in response to a little child’s letter of request. It would probably be the child’s parent who poses as Santa to respond to the child’s letter. The letter must be written as if it is Santa who is replying the child’s letter so that the child will not doubt the contents or the existence of Santa. The child might be eagerly waiting for a letter from his/her favorite Santa, so when you write the letter, make sure that it is the best letter that can be given to your child by the Santa.

Since it is written in disguise of Santa, you must be very much careful in all the words that you use in the letter. If you are not confident enough about writing a letter like this, then it is better to seek the help by referring to the sample letter that is given below, than making it a flop. So before beginning to write a letter like this, first make sure that you can do it by yourself. This is something that you must think before starting to write any letter.

Sample Letter


Santa Claus

January 8, 2011.


Andrew Singer,

77A Second Avenue,


PA 19108.

Dear Andrew,

Hope you receive this letter at the best of your health, Andrew.

Thank you for your letter dated December 20, 2010. I do apologize for the late reply. I have been very busy during the holiday season, with lots of places to stop by. Then the New Year came by, and I had to remove my New Year responsibilities too which made be busy and so I could not write a reply to your letter. I was occupied, and I hope you would understand my situation and forgive me for the late reply that I am sending to you now.

Anyway, Thank you for being patient for my reply to your letter. Patience is a real virtue. I am quite sure that this patience of yours will be surely benefited in your future life at some point or the other. I hope you liked your Christmas presents which I managed to bring to you on the Christmas Day. It was very noble of you to want to give your Christmas presents away to the needy. I am sure you have made the children at home very happy. I hope and wish you to become a great person in future by continuing such noble activities.

I shall take note of your good deed for this year. But do not stop there. The year has just started. Someone else may need your kindness throughout the year. I shall be looking out for you. May God shower His choicest blessings on you to be a helping hand for the people who need it the most.

Take care, Andrew.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Yours Loving,


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