Christmas Greetings Letter

Christmas Greetings Letter


A Christmas Greetings Letter is a common letter that is sent during the Christmas season by one person to his or her colleagues, friends, neighbors or relatives. Hence, a letter such as this can be both formal or informal in nature and serve official as well as personal purposes. Since Christmas is a season of love and happiness, a Christmas Greetings Letter brings joy and acceptance to the recipient. It is a good way to keep contact with one another by wishing everybody Christmas blessings through letters.

The writer should begin the letter by wishing the receiver lots of wishes and good luck. The author should include specific happy memories of the year that he or she may have spent with the receiver. An invitation can also be sent to the receiver through the letter to invite the receiver for spending the Christmas days together. Since a letter such as can be both formal and informal, the tone of the letter and the content should be selected accordingly.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of a Christmas Greetings Letter


Barry S. Patrick

520 Richland Avenue,

Sugar Land, TX 77487



Robert A. Patrick

4753 Rardin Drive,

Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

Subject: Happiest Christmas to You

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

It is my wishes and hopes that both of you are in the pink of health. Mom and dad have sent their love for you and so have Cheryl and Lydia. As the oldest sibling, I have the privilege to write this Christmas greetings letter to you.

Mom and dad wish to apologize for not being able to come down to your farm to celebrate this Christmas as dad is not fit to travel as yet, and he has been advised by the doctor. But you must know that we all are missing you dearly here. We love being on your farm, especially during the¬†Christmas season because the whole place looks so heavenly. Please wish “Merry Christmas” to Donald Duck, Cheeky Chick and Gillian Goat for Lydia and Cheryl. They miss their farm friends a lot. All of us are planning to visit you very soon. The season of Christmas is always incomplete if we do not meet you because you both mean a lot to us. Grandma, I can’t wait to devour your rich chocolate cookies.

Once again, we all wish you both a blessed Christmas with all our love and kisses. We are eagerly waiting to meet you and give you the gifts that we made for you. You are always in our hearts.

With all our love,

Dad, Mom, Barry, Cheryl and Lydia

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