Christmas Gift Thank You Letter

Introduction :

Giving gifts to those whom we love & care about has been a tradition for a long time. Especially during occasions, the exchange takes place now and then. Providing gifts to family and friends only adds to the joyous occasion. At times, people give gifts to their employees and clients too. A Christmas Gift thank you letter is one wherein a person thanks to the other person who has given him a gift on occasion of Christmas.

It can be formal or informal, depending upon the type of relationship the individual shares with the receiver. If the letter is formal, then thank them for kind words for remembering to send you a gift on occasion. However, if the letter is informal, then one can greet the person informally and write their actual feelings on receiving the gift. It is always considered as good manners to thank people when they gift you something.


Sample :

The following is the sample of Christmas gift thank you letter.



Charles Daniel,

Sec – 30,




Sheila Daniel,

VH-12, Town colony,


Subject – Thank you!

Dear Sheila,

Warmest Christmas greetings to you and your family. I hope that you are doing well. It has been a long time since we had a family get together. Thanks for taking out time in sending me a Christmas gift. It amazes me that how even we haven’t met in last five years, you still remember sending me & my family our share of gifts. I loved that watch a lot, thank you so much for that. I remember mentioning it to you once and was so glad that you remembered it. That was incredibly sweet of you.

I hope that you received my gift too. It took me time to choose for you since you have everything you like. So, I decided to make up a memory book of ours. It has all the pictures of us since our school days; I hope that you like it.

Also, how are your kids and husband doing? Last I heard, he got promoted to the post of General Manager of his company. Congratulations on that. Give the kids all my love and blessings too. I miss you all and hope to meet sometime soon, only if the work allows.


Charles Daniel,

Sec – 30,


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