Christmas Gift Letter

A Christmas Gift letter is one that is written by an individual who wishes to gift another person something on the occasion of Christmas. It is the day which everyone celebrates with joy and happiness and believe in spreading the same all around by exchanging gifts with their loved ones, i.e., friends & family. Sending a Christmas gift is a good way of letting the other person know that you miss them on this occasion.

A Christmas gift letter may be formal or informal, depending upon the relationship you share with the person you are writing the letter to. A letter along with the gift can help the sender convey his/her thoughts much better. The letter contains the wishes of the occasion and also why the sender chose that gift if that person wishes to specify so. It is considered as a personal gesture and makes the receiver feel special.

Sample Christmas Gift Letter

The following is the sample of Christmas gift letter.



Susie Geller,

Northern apartments,




Susan Geller,

Hill View tower,


Subject – Christmas Gift.

Dear Susan,

Hello sister, how have you been? It has been a long time since we last sat together and had a sisterly chat with each other. I know you have been busy with your university and me with my work here in California.

Firstly, a Merry Christmas to you and an equally joyous new year too. I wish I was there with you & family to celebrate but have other work commitments too. I hope you people are enjoying there. I miss everyone here, a lot. Keeping in mind your likes and dislikes, I finally chose a gift for you. Its that antique bracelet that you had eyes on a year ago, while we were window shopping. While browsing for some gifts, I was finally able to locate it. I do hope that it will bring a smile on you face when you see it.

Give wishes to mom and dad too. I have sent their gifts as well. I received your gift too and thank you so much for the portrait  painting of mine. I had always wanted you to make me one for me. I feel so sorry for not being there to notice the glee in your eyes when you open my gift, so I have asked dad to capture a picture of you while opening it. Missing you and wishing you the best.


Susie Geller,

Northern apartments,


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