Christmas Bonus Letter

When working in a salary oriented place, an employee gets a bonus salary once or twice in a year depending on the company rules. Usually, a bonus salary means that they get double of their salary for that month but in a lot of workplaces, the bonus salary might be some percentage of the salary they usually get. In occasions such as Diwali, Eid or Christmas, people ask and receive bonus pay. These are the times when people spend a lot of extra money for gifts, clothes and celebration purposes and so it is believed that they do deserve a bonus salary for that month.

A Christmas Bonus letter is a letter sent by the boss declaring the bonus for the month of December. This is an official letter so be formal in your tone sticking to the format preferred for formal letters. Be polite and straight to the point and state why you want a bonus.

Christmas Bonus Letter – Sample


Miles Low

35 Lakeview Way



Shaila Stuart Mathew

41 Adamsville Road
Laredo, TX 78040

Dear Ma’am,

Re: Bonus letter for Christmas

I have written this letter to say that it is December which means, we will be celebrating Christmas this month. I believe that every one of you has worked hard to achieve the targets and deserve something special from the company. The last quarter was too hectic for everyone, but you all pulled through it successfully. It was because of you all that the company completed all the projects before time.

For all the hard work that you all always put in, the company would like you to give Christmas bonus. The bonus will be sent out to you all in a few days so that you all can use it wherever you want during the Christmas.

I hope you will appreciate this gesture and make wise use of the money. Wish you a very happy vacation season and a very Merry  Christmas.

Thanking you,

Miles Low Jones.


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