Children Christmas Letter

Christmas is the best season to get gifts from your loved ones. Christmas is the festival of sending gifts, greetings, and love to every people we know or to the strangers and also spreading peace to the world. Getting a Christmas gift from the loved ones is all that we dream, and it is a cherry on a cake to get a letter from the expected and unexpected ones for Christmas.

Children Christmas letter is either written by the child or by an elder for the child. It is advised to keep the letter short and understandable in an easy language. The child (recipient) feels very happy and important after getting the Christmas letter. It’s the best gift for them for the Christmas season. It is advised to keep the letter short and understandable in an easy language. Write in a sweet way as to make the child feel loved and valuable. Have a peek at the sample of this Children Christmas Letter to get an insight idea for writing it on your own when needed.

Children Christmas Letter – Sample

The following is the sample letter for Children Christmas Letter.






Bunny Stewart,

Tashik Apartment, Flat No.- 59

Canal Street, New York.

My cute little Bunny,

It’s Christmas time. The reindeer are flying towards your home with a cart full of gifts, and the angels are busy practicing welcoming song for the new king to be born on Christmas day. Everything is perfectly scheduled.

I was looking over your wishlist for this Christmas season, and I was very impressed to see that you kept your promises.

Your parents told me that you helped them a lot this year, took good care of your little sister and cleaned up your space every Sunday without complaining. Your teacher Ms. Gracy reminded me that you have been studying very hard this year and have performed well. Keep up your high spirit.

Just as you kept your promises so will I keep my promise. A new red bicycle and a video game will be your gift for this Christmas. Collect your gift after the mass prayer on December 24, from your room.

May the Lord always bless you my child and may the spirit of love and peace always be in your heart.

Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, my child.

With love,

Santa Claus.

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