Child Custody Reference Letter

Child custody is a major issue when it comes to a divorce between two individuals. Each parent is naturally attached to the child and wants to have the kid. But for this, they need to gather relevant evidence that states that they are the ideal one to have the child and take care of the child after the divorce. One essential part of this evidence is a Child Custody Reference Letter.

A Child Custody Reference Letter usually was written by a relative or a neighbor. It can also be written by an office colleague or a close friend who knows the relationship between the parent and the child. In this letter, the individual needs to give instances to explain the positive and good actions of the parent towards the child.

While writing a Child Custody Reference Letter, the writer needs to first introduce themselves and as to how they are related to the parent. After this, they need to start mentioning all the right qualities of the parent they are writing the letter for and need to give a few instances. These could be the daily chores of a parent such as providing nutritious food, sending the child to school and that too on time. These are the major areas that need to be focused on. Given below is a sample letter which can be referred to when writing a Child Custody Reference Letter.

Child Custody Reference Letter – SAMPLE


Amanda Philips,

14, J Court,

Plainsboro, NJ 65447.



The Judge,

Small Causes Court

Plainsboro, NJ  65456.

Subject: Child Custody Reference Letter.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to inform you that I am Amanda Philips and I have been a neighbor to the Lords Family for four years now. We are all great family friends and have been on many outings together with our children as well.

I would like to bring to your notice that Kim Lord has always been playful, loving and caring around her one and only son Mark. Mark is always seen happy when he is with his mother, and he enjoys her company. I have hardly noticed Mr. James Lord playing with the child and taking care of him.

Kim serves Mark with healthy and nutritious food and at the same time gives him chocolate when she feels it’s appropriate as Mark is very fond of chocolates. She takes him to school and brings him back with her after she is done with her work in her office as she is working with a media house. She has never engaged in any abusive behavior with the child and makes sure no one else does either.

I hope this letter provides you with a better picture as to how Mrs. Kim Lord is a better-qualified parent as compared to Mr. Lord. If you require any further information, I would be glad to assist you.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Philips.

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