Cheque Book Request Letter, Sample & Format

Cheque Book Request LetterA Cheque book request letter is written by a bank customer who requires a new set of cheques from the bank. This kind of request is usually made by a busy customer who does not have time to collect the cheque book personally or it could be a bank procedure which requires his clients to write in to request a checkbook.


Donald Anderson

Senior Manager

Golden Angels Freight Forwarders

10023 Fourth Avenue

March 12, 2010


Bank of America

93902 Newton Street
NG34 4OQ

Dear Sir / Madam,

RE: Cheque Book Request

I, Donald Anderson, am writing to request for a new set of cheques as I am quickly finishing my current set. I am down to my last ten pieces, and it is imperative for me to have at least another five pieces before the end of the month.

Although it is a personal cheque book request, it would be appreciated if you could mail it to me soonest possible as I am working overtime every day until the end of the month.

I would like to request further that my new set of cheques be sent to my office, as per address above, for my collection. My current account number is AMC94839-384183.

Please feel free to contact me for any verification of this request.

I appreciate your prompt response.

Yours sincerely

Donald Anderson

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