Charity Sponsorship Letter


A Charity Sponsorship Letter is a letter written to a higher individual or to a Business organization by an individual or social service organization. This letter is written to request money for a social or noble cause. The cause can be helping hapless children, helping the old people, giving educational support to poor children and etcetera. As this letter is written to higher individuals it should be a formal one. The tone of the writer should be appealing such that the recipient may respond to the letter positively.

The cause for which you are asking the help should be mentioned very clearly. The details of your approach to the cause should be explained clearly. For example, if you are helping the hapless children the materials you provide for them should be mentioned and the total cost for all the materials should be mentioned. You should leave your contact number or address so that the recipient can approach or enquire about the program.

Sample Charity Sponsorship Letter:



Children Social Service,

Chanda Nagar,




Sai Kiran,

The Finance Manager,

Nal Soft Company,



Dear Sai Kiran,

I am Nikhil working as a trustee in Children Social Service. The main reason to write this letter is we are initiating a program to help the poor children in our locality. Hence we would like to collect donation for this program as it is a cost effective one. Hence I am writing this letter to ask help from you. As your company is well known for its social activities I am writing this charity sponsorship letter. I hope that you would react in a positive way to this letter.

As a part of the program, we decided to provide food and clothing for the children and as the next coming season is winter we would also like to provide blankets for them. The number of children in the locality is nearly 1000, therefore the cost estimate for this social cause is more than five lakhs, and we would like to have a big donation from you. You can also help us by promoting this news to your fellow business companions so that we can get more donation within a small time. As our organization is a non-profitable one, every rupee that is donated will be used for the cause. We will also send the details how we spent the amount. If you are having any doubts regarding this matter you can call us at any time, our contact number is 040-58964. We hope that we will get a quick and positive response from you. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter.

Yours Sincerely,


Children Social Service.

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