Charity Solicitation Letter

Everyone works in this world to earn so that they can live the life the way they want. However, everyone is not as lucky as them and cannot afford it. That is why charity is raised for them by NGOs so that they can afford their basic needs for survival. Doing charity is one of the best things that a human being can do. To provide someone else the necessities of life is indeed the greatest deed amongst all.

A charity solicitation letter is a formal letter that is written by an individual or an organization that is raising charity for some cause or event to those who might be willing to loosen their pockets for it. It contains the cause of the charity and how helpful it would be for those in need of it. Make the person feel good about doing charity so as to convince him/her.

Charity Solicitation Letter Sample

The following is the sample of charity solicitation letter.



Shubhshree Hazra,

Chief Program Manager,

Helping Hands NGO.

Date – 25th August 2017


Shreeram Choudhary,


Choudhary & Sons Pvt. Ltd.

Subject – Charity Fundraising Letter.

Dear Mr. Choudhary,

Warmest greetings from us. I am writing this letter to you on behalf of our NGO to bring to your notice regarding the charity that we are raising to help the kids who can’t afford education.

We have had this plan for a while, to educate the students in the nearby slum areas and have been formulating the plan from last few months. However, what occasion better than teacher’s day to kick start this project? In the past too, you have always supported children’s education and see it as most important priority. Even we believe that to have a country with vision; we need to educate the young masses.

Our plan is to raise enough funds for at least high school level education so that these children are literate enough to get some job and study further on their own. This would help in reducing poverty to a great extent. However, for this to formulate, we need your fullest cooperation. The charity fundraising shall take place on 5th September, 2017 at our NGOs ground. We hope you shall grace us with your presence and invite others too those who wish to make their willful contribution towards this move.

With best wishes,

Shubhshree Hazra,

Chief Program Manager,

Helping Hands NGO.

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