Charity Donation Request Letter


A Charity Donation Request letter could be written by an individual or a charitable organization that solicits funds as a charity donation to some event that is organized. The letter states the objective of the charity donation request clearly to compel the recipient to donate to the mentioned cause. A charity letter is written to individuals as well as organization to appeal them for donation. Natural calamities hit the region and the lives of the people living there completely changes in a day. This is an example situation on which the charity letter can be written.

Many NGO’s all over the world regularly write letters to the privileged individuals and organization for a donation that can help the needy. The letter when written to donate for the people where a natural calamity has struck will include all the details that the reader may want to know before making the donation. The letter also mentions how and when the collected fund will be utilized.

Sample Letter:


Jason Ulrich

Philadelphia Partners

3638 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19108





Liberty Consulting

124 Fifth Avenue

Libertyville, IL 60038


Re: Charity donation.


Dear Sir / Madam,

As you may be aware, the recent flooding of Carrolls Garden District in Brooklyn has affected many residents.  As such, Philadelphia Partners, a non-profitable and non-government organization is mobilizing ‘Sound the Trumpet’ mission where charitable donations are requested to established organizations such as Liberty Consulting, to participate in this noble deed of charity.

Many are displaced by the flood and money is required to buy food as well as personal belongings for these flood victims. Thank God that no lives were lost in that flooding event. We are targeting $300,000 to feed the flood victims who are relocated to school compounds on higher land as well as purchasing the necessary vaccinations to prevent any outbreak of diseases from this unfortunate incident.

Our NGO, Philadelphia Partners, is doing the best we can to help the affected people in the area to ensure that they get basic facilities till the time their life gets back to normal. We request you for a donation to support the affected people of the Carrolls Garden District in Brooklyn so that we can continue our efforts to facilitate low-income families.

Your generous donations can save the lives of low-income families, and our organization will appreciate any efforts. Feel free to contact us for any queries. We look forward to your kind and the generous donation towards this noble cause.

Thank You,

Yours Sincerely,

Jason Ulrich.

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