Charity Donation Letter


An individual or company usually write a Charity Donation letter in response to a charitable organization that requested for financial aid or another kind of support. The individual writes this letter when he or she is positive towards the recipient’s previous request letter for donation.

This letter is written by the business organization owner or the manager to the recipient in reply to his or her letter through which the recipient has requested for a donation. You can mention the recipient that you are willing to donate the money to their noble cause. You can intimate how much you are donating and can explain how to collect the funds. If you are interested in their cause, you can mention you will participate in it. In the end, wish them all the best for their charity program.

Sample Charity Donation Letter:


Bobbie Reader,

Factory Outlet,

1297 Washburn Street,

Baton Rouge, LA 70814.




Liberty Homes,

5364 Branch Street,

Libertyville, IL 68848.

Dear Sir / Madam

RE: Charity Donation

I am Bobby Reader working as a manager in Factory outlet. We have received your request for donation letter, and we would like to help you in your noble cause. On behalf of Factory Outlet, I am writing to inform you that we have some pieces of clothing and would like to know if Liberty Homes would be favorable to receive these. The pieces are of good quality and in a wearable condition. We have about 100 pieces of such clothing for your disposal.

You can bless your residents at Liberty Homes with the clothing, or you are allowed to sell them at cost price to raise funds for your home. Factory Outlet is agreeable to your decision; however, the brand tag will be taken off from these pieces to prevent abuse of our brand. If you are interested in these pieces, kindly contact the Goodwill Department of Factory Outlet before the end of the week. If you are having any doubts related to this matter, feel free to come to our company at the above address and can clarify them. We wish you all the best for your noble cause.

Thank you.

Respectfully Yours,

Bobby Reader

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