Charity Appeal Letter

A charitable trust is a type of organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need. A number of charities and non-profit organizations run a campaign to raise funds for the welfare of the deprived and needy class of the society. The funds can be gathered from any source in the form of donations or contributions either from individuals, companies or government organizations.

The charity appeal letter must rouse an emotional feeling in the reader in a positive way. If the fundraising letter fails to awaken an emotional feeling in the reader, no one can help it going to the waste bucket. Make the reader aware of the dark side of the problems faced by the deprived people by creating a portrait of the problem in their mind through words. The letter should be written in an appealing way with a polite gesture. Still confused how to write, take a glance at the sample of the charity appeal letter to get an insight idea for writing it on your own.

Charity Appeal Sample Letter

The following is the sample letter for Charity Appeal Letter.



We Care Foundation,

Hehal Road, Orchid Tower,

8034001, Ranchi, Jharkhand.



Jay Arora,

Senior Manager,

SAIL, Ranchi,

Doranda, Block 5,

Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Subject:- Regarding your help and support to raise funds.

Dear Sir,

While writing this letter, my eyes were filled with tears. The inner me encouraged to do something extraordinary which is only possible with your help and support.

Last night while returning to home, someone pulled my shirt from behind, I was scared to death but still, I turned back to see who the person was. I was happy as well as shocked to see. Happy in the sense that the person was neither a thief nor someone who could harm me, shocked because the child was wearing torn clothes with messy hair begging for food as he was starving badly from the last night. I can’t explain how devastated I was after seeing the child. I took the child, Rohit, to a nearby restaurant and I was contented to watch him eating heartedly, but was this happiness going to last forever? Meantime the child told me that there are many like him in his area who go without food for a day or two. In that sudden moment, an idea of a food van struck me. This food van will provide food to the needy people like ‘Rohit’ free of cost and will be available in areas where people starve for food so that no one could go to bed without eating.

What are we for if we cannot help these people? I am begging you to help me for this noble cause. Your one help will really make a big difference in their lives.

Looking for a positive response from your side. For any queries contact me at +918009785290.

Thanking you in advance.

Yours sincerely,

Richa Martin,

Manager, We Care Foundation,

Hehal Road, Ranchi,


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