Character Reference letter


A character recommendation letter is usually written by one who is of authority to give some favorable comments on another individual for a particular purpose that benefits the individual. For example, a teacher may write on behalf of his student who has applied to a higher learning institution or a friend who is of good repute to write on behalf of an individual for a job applied.

A character recommendation letter helps an individual in various ways. It acts as a character certificate and helps that person get through jobs, clubs, projects, etc. easily. It can be a great favor to that person you are writing the letter for. However, ensure that no false or pretentious facts are written in the letter for if found out, it may cause a huge problem to the receiver. Once through the letter, check it for grammatical correctness.

Sample Letter

The following is the sample of character recommendation letter.


Harry Dune,

Senior Teacher,

San Diego High School.

11 School Lane
San Diego, CA 9232




San Diego Vocational School.

1493 North Side Street

San Diego, CA 9383

Dear Sir / Madam

Subject: Character Reference for Mr. Neil Lawrence

It is my pleasure to write a character reference on Mr. Neil Lawrence, a graduating student from San Diego High School. I hope that this character reference will earn Mr. Neil Lawrence a place in your esteemed learning institution for this fall semester.

I had known Mr. Lawrence for five years since when he was studying at San Diego High School. I have taught him Literature and Social Sciences for three years. I was also the teacher advisor for the Social Science society which Mr. Lawrence held the post of president for two consecutive years. He excelled in both his academics and co-curricular activities during his high school tenure.

Mr. Lawrence is an eloquent speaker, having won many debate competitions and he has a caring heart from his substantial involvement in many fundraisers. He is a very genuine person and also an ambitious person. He will be very suited to your Social Science course for which he has applied for this fall admission.

I trust that the above information will favor Mr.Lawrence a place in his related field of study. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further information on Mr. Lawrence. You can contact me at 836251820 or drop a mail at

Thank you for your kind consideration of his application.

Yours sincerely

Harry Dune

Senior Teacher,

San Diego High School

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