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Character Reference Letter to judgeIntroduction Letter

A Character Reference letter is written by an institution or person of authority. The main purpose of this letter is to judge the person in question. It is written by an individual who is of high standing or an attorney who writes on behalf of a third party to account for the character of the third party.  The character reference letter is an important letter as the judge is the recipient, and would be deciding the judgment on a character.

This is a letter or authority and therefore must maintain a formal tone throughout. Give a detailed description of the person, his contributions to the organization, the duration since when they have been working with the organization coupled with information about the strengths and weaknesses of the person. A certification letter is also seen as a clearance letter which clears the person to go ahead and be hired by another company or organization.



Sample of Character reference letter is given below:


Jean Ford


Samson Steel Works

382 Laurel Lee
North St Paul, MN 55109

January 22, 2017


The Honorable Judge William F. Moore

District Court

City of Los Angeles

Your Honor,

Re: Character Reference for Mr. Joe Mallory

I, Jean Ford, Manager of Samson Steel Works, am stating a few lines on the character of Mr. Joe Mallory who has been working as the deputy manager of sales with our company.

I understand that Mr. Joe Mallory is nominated for jury duty and a character reference is required from his employment. I am Mr. Joe Mallory’s immediate superior at Samson Steel Works for seven years. Mr. Mallory has been a diligent employee at Samson’s for ten years who has received the company’s ‘Best Employee Award’ 4 times. The company is yet to see an employee as hard working as Mr. Mallory. Every year, Mr. Mallory conducts a 3 day long professional skills development workshop for all our employees. He is a good judge of character.

Mr. Mallory is an upright character who carries out his responsibilities without fear or favor. He is well respected by his subordinates and superiors as he executes a strong ethical discipline at work and in life. He is fair, unbiased and totally unprejudiced. In his time with our company, nobody has ever filed a complaint against him. He has complete clean civil, financial and professional record.

I believe Mr. Mallory would be an excellent choice for jury duty as he has a sharp and analytical mind but yet holds a compassionate heart. I trust him to not make any rash decision and will be only fair and objective in his approach to making a judgement of the case presented.

Please feel free to call me for further assistance.


Yours truly,

Jean Ford


Samson Steel Works

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