Character Reference Letter for Court, Sample & Format

Character Reference Letter for CourtA Character Reference for Court is a letter to be written by a commanding authority to inform the court of an individual’s character, preferably in a good light so that a more favorable sentence may be obtained.  This is especially useful for first-time offenders who need some authoritative figure to vouch for his good character to get a lighter sentence for his offense.


Christian H. Dunn

Discipline Master

Goldman Community College

4157 Farland Avenue
San Antonio, TX 78218

January 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern

Re: Character Reference for Mr. Ali Parker

I, Christian Dunn, principal of Goldman Community College, wish to make a character reference for Mr. Ali Parker who is currently one of Goldman Community College students.

Mr. Parker is studying Medical Assistantship at Goldman Community College in his two years. He is a very hardworking student who is passionate about his course of study. Lecturers and peers find Mr. Parker friendly and helpful, suitable traits for the medical profession he is studying for.

It is unthinkable that Mr. Parker should hurt anyone intentionally as he is being trained to help anyone in need. He has a caring heart and exhibits great patience with all he interacts with. All those who know Mr. Parker have only favorable comments on his character.  He is sincere and thoughtful; always putting others first above self.

I trust that the court will find Mr. Parker a good character and assist him to a favorable outcome in his current predicament. I am willing to be a witness for Mr. Ali Parker.

Please feel free to call me for further assistance.

Yours truly,

Christian Dunn

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