Character Letter of Recommendation

Character letter of recommendation


A Character letter of recommendation is written on behalf of an individual who may be requesting for a job or studies placement. The recommender must be a person of outstanding character to recommend the individual. The letter states the relationship between the recommender and the recommended character to establish the worthiness of the recommendation. It is a formal letter written to another person where the recommended person is applying for either a job or further studies.

It is like a certificate of character which ensures the receiver about the character of the person being recommended. This is absolutely necessary in the case of a job as one should have someone to vouch for you. Hence while doing so you must tell them why do you think so about the person you are recommending. Also, do not make any type of errors while writing the letter. You can provide your contact details for any other correspondence.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Character Letter of Recommendation.


Barry Sandler,


Charlton Consulting Inc,

78/1, Grand Towers,

Park Avenue, New York 8989

June 17, 2010


Henry Nolan,

Fisher Enterprise,

114, Straight Street,


Subject: Character Recommendation for Tina Baits

To whomsoever, it may concern,

This letter serves to verify the character of Ms. Tina Baits, a previous employee at Charlton Consulting Inc. Ms. Baits was my personal assistant at Charlton Consulting from 2007-2009.

Ms. Baits has proven herself to be a very responsible and trustworthy individual and employee. She is meticulous at her work and is independent once she has been given clear instructions regarding the work she has to do. She has never offended anyone in the office. Her conduct has been entirely professional. There have never been any complaints against her and neither has she been ever accused of any offense.

Ms. Baits is very eloquent with her words but exercises confidentiality where needed with finesse and respect. She works well with all above and below her. She is a team player and doesn’t exercise any kind of superiority over anyone. She has a very good presence of mind and is a very rational woman.

I am sure that you will find Ms. Tina Baits an asset to your company if you take her on. She will not disappoint you and she will be a great addition to your company. Please feel free to call me or write to me or email me if you need further clarification on this recommendation.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Barry Sandler,


Charlton Consulting Inc.


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