Change Of Ownership Announcement Letter

An ownership letter typically informs the public about who owns a particular asset or who is the owning entity. This is generally printed in the newspaper so that the concerned people can publically proclaim their ownership of a particular property.  The reason for the change is often not mentioned in these letters.

In such letters, it is necessary for the author to clearly state the previous owner’s name as well as the company. The transition from the previous to the new owner must be clearly stated. The date of this transition should be mentioned as well as the facilitators’ name who will be managing the entire process. In such letters the signatures of both parties involved are mandatory. Below is a sample change of ownership announcement letter which highlights the change in ownership of a property that a real estate company has developed. Refer to the format and example for a more comprehensive understanding:

Sample Letter

KS Real Estate

5th Floor, Udyog Vihar



12th June 2017

The Editor


Old Building


Subject: Change in Ownership

To whomsoever it may concern,

This is to announce that KS estate has recently ventured into the field of hospitality and has developed its very first hospitality property in Sohna road,  on a property that spans over 3 acres. The management of this property was handed over to Accor Hotels.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, KS estates could not go ahead with its partnership with Accor Hotels. The board of managers have collectively decided to pass over the ownership as well as the management of the newly developed property to the world’s largest and finest hotel chain- Marriott International.

The project is currently in its interior designing phase and is expected to be completed by the first half of the next year.  According to the terms of partnership with Marriott International the expected date of opening for the hotel is 26th Oct 2018.

The particular Property will be known as Marriott Sohna World and is being developed as a luxury hotel with over 250 rooms and 25 suites. The property will boast state of the art amenities such as a golf track and tennis court.

We are happy to announce the partnership of our latest project and welcome Marriott International on board. May both parties benefit from this partnership and mark the start of a partnership that will hopefully last years.

Please find below the signatures of all people concerned.

Thank you

Karan Sahani


KS Estates

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