Certificate Of Running

A Certificate of Running is a kind of sport certificate which is written by a person holding an authoritative position in a sports organization, a school or any other institution. The document is received by a student of the same organization or school for his or her running skills as well as running speed. Documents of such kind prove to be crucial for students who wish to make a prosperous career in the field of running.

As the certificate is important, it must be written in a very professional manner. It should be divided into three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph should mention the name of the student who is receiving the certificate. Information such as the occasion on which he or she is getting the certificate, his or her speed of running, any position secured in the event or occasion, etc., should be mentioned correctly in the second paragraph. The certificate should be concluded with the third paragraph by wishing the student once again for his or her achievement.

The following is a sample of Certificate of Running.


Sample Certificate of Running


To whomsoever it may concern

This certificate is, hereby, being presented to Mr. F. Joseph Smith by Jesus and Mary International Convent School, New Delhi, India, on October 6, 2017, for displaying his excellent skills in the sport of running.

Mr. F. Joseph Smith, aged 15, is a student of Jesus and Mary International Convent School, studying in grade nine. During the time period from September 25, 2017, to September 29, 2017, the school had organized the event,  Athletic Sports Meet 2017. It gives us great pleasure to announce that Mr. Smith has secured the first position in 200 meters race, second position in 500 meters race, and first position in 800 meters race. Therefore, he has been awarded with two gold medals and one silver medal as well as this certificate. He has been among one of the best students of the school with respect to sports. Also, his astonishing speed has positioned him to be one of the top three fast runners of all time in the school.

This certificate is being awarded to Mr. F. Joseph Smith in recognition of his outstanding abilities in the respective field of running. We believe that he shall continue to be a valuable asset to the department of sports and make the school proud. We wish him good luck and great success for future.

Kindly note that all the particulars mentioned above are true and correct. This certificate is strictly non-transferable and under no circumstances shall it be used by any other person or organization.

Thanking you.

Kiara Diane

Vice Principal,

Jesus and Mary International Convent School

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