Certificate Of Recognition

Certificate of Recognition is a kind of official document which validates in written form a particular act performed or work done by a certain person. Certificates of such kind are usually written by an employer to an employee of his or her organization or by a person holding a significant position at an institution to one of the members. The certificate may also be given to one organization by another authorized organization for an admirable cause or event.

The content of the certificate should be formatted into three paragraphs. The first paragraph should begin by naming the person or organization to whom the certificate is being awarded. The reason for which the certificate is being given as well as other crucial details about the receiver should be elaborated in the next paragraph. The concluding paragraph should congratulate the receiver for being recognized and wish him or her good luck for future.

The following is a sample of Certificate of Recognition.

Sample Certificate of Recognition


To whomsoever it may concern
This Certificate of Recognition is, hereby, presented to Child Rights Foundation of India, New Delhi, India, by Uptara Argonic, India, on October 7, 2015, for organizing and hosting the event ‘Homeless and Abandoned Child Aid Event 2015’.
The Indian non-profit organization, Child Rights Foundation of India, has been notable for taking the responsibility as well as the development of every child who is in need of help. Regarded as one of the best ten non-profit organizations in India for contributing positively to the welfare of the Indian societies, the Child Rights Foundation of India has been acknowledged widely for the fundraising event hosted by it on August 8, 2015. The Homeless and Abandoned Child Aid Event 2015 has been very successful in accomplishing the aim for which it had been hosted. Hence, it is a pleasure to award this certificate for securing the life of 521 abandoned and homeless children, in the year 2015, of the Indian capital city, New Delhi.
Every year this certificate is awarded to an organization for giving rise to an admirable cause that will constitute the growth of the nation. The Child Rights Foundation of India has been active since twenty years in creating awareness about child abuse and encouraging the people to help in whichever way they can to nurture every child with care.
We believe that this achievement will further strengthen the vision of the organization to protect all the helpless children as well as their rights.
Thanking you.
Sarah Jones,
Uptara Argonic

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