Certificate Of Performance

Certificate of Performance is a type of official document which is written to express warm gratitude and admire a particular act or a series of acts by someone. It is usually written by an employer of a certain organization to one of its employees for satisfactory performance.

This type of appreciation certificate is very significant not only because it determines the achievements of that particular employee but it also puts an influential impact on his or her career.

Though the certificate is about documenting good performance, it should be written in a happy tone while maintaining the professional boundaries. Details such as the name of the employee, his role in the organization, name of the organization, etc., should also be mentioned. The certificate should be concluded on a positive note by wishing the employee again. The certificate should also be provided with the signature of writer and stamp of the organization.
The following is a sample of Certificate of Performance.

Certificate of Performance Sample

To Whomsoever it May Concern

This Certificate of Performance is, hereby, granted by Premier Stardust Residency Hotel, India,  to Mr. Charles Fernandez for an outstanding performance during the year 2014 to 2015.
Mr. Fernandez had joined our organization on May 12, 2012, as the Assistant Manager of Learning and Development. In all these years, his conduct was observed to be satisfactory always. However, this particular year has been noticeable for a remarkable improvement and rise in his performance. The management is pleased to see his splendid conduct of management skills in training the employees, assessment, and utilization of expertise and abilities as well as with his responses to customer services monthly. The disciplinary policies of Mr. Fernandez have helped him to effectively ensure that each of the employees is thoroughly trained and can do his or her job smoothly. Along with his efficient skills and confidence, his polite and pleasing behavior has also been very helpful on his part to take up initiatives and deal with them productively. As a result of his accomplishments, the hotel has seen an exceptional rise in its services as well as the ratio of profit.
The decision of the management to appoint Mr. Charles Fernandez as the Assistant Manager of Learning and Development has proved to be beneficial. It is believed that his flawless performance will continue to reward the organization.
We, once again, express our gratitude as well as thank him for his admirable performance.
Thanking you.
Kenny F. Sebastian,
Head of Management,
Premier Stardust Residency Hotel

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