Certificate Of Conformance

Certificate of Conformance is a type of legal certificate which is written for a particular product or service to declare that it is in compliance with the required specifications, such as, consumer safety and regulatory requirements.

Without this certificate, no organization can sell its goods in a particular country or region. Therefore, such a document plays a crucial role in ensuring free movement of the product or service as well as for exporting purposes within a country.

Since this type of certificate is written by a competent authority to a manufacturer or the organization producing that product, it should be formal in tone. Any spelling or grammatical errors should not be made in the document. The certificate should determine that the said product conforms to applicable requirements, details of the product, the region for which the certificate is being issued, etc. It should also be signed or stamped by the writer.

The following is a sample of Certificate of Conformance.

Certificate Of Conformance Sample

To Whomsoever it May Concern

This Certificate of Conformance is, hereby, issued by Automotive R and Y Services to Belson and Goldman Automobile Manufacturers on the 27th day of October 2015, for its vehicle, Audrey Kenan TJ.

Belson and Goldman Automobile Manufacturers is an automobile manufacturer located in New Delhi, India. It is a subsidiary organization of the automobile manufacturer, Akihiko Motor Corporation, located in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Audrey Kenan Tj has been produced in India with a well-functioning structure. It has been supported with fine quality g34 2005 breaks and rotory machine, auto car steering and suspension channel and Bennet Primacy SUC 657/213 H18 tyres. For health and safety requirements, it has been furnished with Evaporative Emission Control System, Kamel Deluxe car safety harness, and Flowmaster Corsa Exhaust System. On the basis of the tests as well as survey carried out, the car, with the model number 2034, has successfully passed all the procedures with respect to vehicular compliance and can be exported in Bangladesh without encountering any legal obstructions.

This certification shall remain valid as long as no significant changes or additions will be made to this product, the rate of its production as well as its quality. Each of these conditions has been assessed on this facility during a series of inspection.

This legal document is a crucial and indissociable part of the certification process of Automotive R and Y Services. This Certificate of Conformance is non-transferable and, in no circumstance, it shall be transferred to any other respective organization.

Gerry Watkins

Motor Vehicles Inspector,

Automotive R and Y Services

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