Certificate Of Authenticity Template

A Certificate of Authenticity is an official document which validates the genuineness of a certain product. It is usually written to demonstrate the true value of a work of art, such as jewelry items or paintings.

Such a certificate is written by the maker or producer of the product to the person or organization who will now become the owner of it. Therefore, the certificate should be drafted by the writer in a language that explains the content clearly to the reader.

The Certificate of Authenticity should mention in detail the information regarding the product or artwork, such as the name of the work, materials used in the making of it, the organization or person involved in the production of the work, etc. The writer should take considerable care in not making any grammatical mistakes or spelling errors in the certificate. Also, the certificate should be stamped or signed by the writer.
The following is a sample of Certificate of Authenticity.

Certificate Of Authenticity Sample

To Whomsoever it May Concern

This is to certify that the Vintage Diamond and Gold Ring, with the product code number, GLD_1235124_WT, is an authentic piece of diamond and gold jewelry. The cost of this product is Rs. 2,25,000.
This product has been produced in the production house of P. C. Fine Crafts as well as sold by P. C. Fine Crafts and Designs Private Limited. As had been specified at the time of purchase, the structure of the Vintage Diamond and Gold Ring has been produced using 22 karat gold. The sizeable diamond, with J color and round cut,  placed in the center of the ring has been made with diamond with the total size of 1 carat. This product comes with an assurance of 100% genuineness and, since the time of purchase, no changes have been made in the materials used without prior notice. The jewelry item is handmade and is in accordance with the recognized quality standards of the jewelry industry.
The supplier of this product, that is, P. C. Fine Crafts and Designs Private Limited is located in Punjab, India. It is a subsidiary of the jewelry manufacturing organization, Women’s Paradise International Jewellery House, which is situated in Jaipur, India.

The details of authenticity hold true only for this product unless it is subjected to any alterations or additions. This certificate cannot be used to determine the authenticity of any other product supplied by or purchased from P. C. Fine Crafts and Designs Private Limited.

Abhishek Singh Chauhan,
Managing Editor,
P. C. Fine Crafts and Designs Private Limited

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