Certificate Of Appreciation

A Certificate of Appreciation is a type of official document which expresses gratitude and appreciates the work of a person in written form. Performance certificate is usually written by an employer of an organization to his or her employee or by a person holding a higher position in an academic institution to his or her student. Certificates of this kind are used by receivers to access better opportunities, thereby, securing bright careers as well.

The certificate of appreciation should be written in a professional manner. It should highlight the admirable work done by the receiver and also the field in which the work has been done. Information, such as, the name of the student or employee, the name of the organization which is awarding the certificate, the date on which the certificate is being given, should be mentioned correctly by the writer. The certificate of achievement should be concluded on a positive note by wishing the person good luck.

The following is a sample of Certificate of Appreciation.

Sample Certificate Of Appreciation

To whomsoever it may concern

This Certificate of Appreciation is being awarded by S. R. N. Technologies Private Limited to Mr. Sheryl Stoleberg on September 9, 2017, in recognition of his admirable efforts.

Mr. Sheryl Stoleberg had joined the organization on June 23, 2017, as the Content Manager and Editor. His fine experience in the field of writing has been an exemplary one. In a short span of time, he has made many achievements. The management has been impressed with the various skills and abilities possessed by him. The making as well as the development of the organization’s secondary website, that is, www.srntech.com, had been recent and one of the most challenging projects. The launch of the website and the completion of the project were estimated to be finished in a period of six months. However, with the determination and confidence of Mr. Stoleberg, the project was successfully completed in four months and the website was smoothly launched without any difficulties. His manner of work and his disciplinary policies have played a huge role in this project.

Pleased with his outstanding performance, the management would like to express its gratitude to Mr. Sheryl Stoleberg and appreciate him for his hard work and untiring efforts. We believe that his sincerity, as well as professional commitment, will continue to bring good fortune to the organization. We are proud to have him with us as one of our best employees.

Thanking you.

Bret Stephens,
Managing Director,
S. R. N. Technologies Private Limited

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