Certificate Of Achievement Template

Certificate of Achievement is a type of official document which declares in written form a certain achievement of a person. Such a document may be written by an employer of an organization to his or her employee or by a teacher or authoritative figure at an academic institution to his or student. This certificate of achievement plays a significant role in helping the receiver to find better future prospects, therefore, it should be written using proper language and speech.

This award certificate should begin by warmly wishing the person for the achievement made by her or him. The writer should incorporate certain details about the person as well as the act that has been identified as an accomplishment. The certificate of appreciation should be concluded positively by wishing the person success in future. Details, such as the name of the person, the name of the organization or institution, important dates, etc., must be mentioned correctly.
The following is a sample of Certificate of Achievement.

Sample Certificate Of Achievement Template

To whomsoever it may concern

This Certificate of Achievement is, hereby, granted to John Wilson Locher, for securing the first position in the essay writing competition organized by one of the notable newspapers, City Need and Analysis on October 22, 2015, in Smith and Klein International School, Perth, Australia.

Mr. John Wilson Locher is a student of Smith and Klein International School, Australia, studying in grade 8. The essay writing competition held up by the newspaper in the school premises required the students to deliver their written materials on the spot in a span of an hour. The issue of global warming is indeed a matter of worry. It is important to understand the causes of global warming and the consequences it has on humans and the natural life. Therefore, to spread awareness among the students about the same, they were directed to draft essays. The team of City Need and Analysis was impressed with the originality and the influential aspects of beliefs and ideas delivered by Mr. Locher.

It is our responsibility to engage the students in educational programs such as these and we feel honored that our students too develop their interests. Mr. Locher is one of our hardworking and intelligent students. By showing his excellence in this event, he has not only attained an achievement for himself but has also made the teachers of the school proud. We believe that he will continue to perform well and make his future bright.

We once again congratulate him for his wonderful achievement.
Sarah Smith,
Smith and Klein International School

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