Catholic Confirmation Letter

Catholic Confirmation letter

Catholic Confirmation Letter – Introduction

A Catholic Confirmation Letter is written by an authoritative figure of the Catholic Church to confirm an individual to the membership of the Church. The pastor extends the confirmatory note to the person who is deemed worthy to be a parishioner of the church after agreeably meeting the criteria set forth by the church. Hence, a Catholic Confirmation Letter is a solemn letter of appointment of that person to the sacred Catholic Community.

The letter should be broken into three significant paragraphs. The introductory paragraph of the letter should begin by giving the happy news to the receiver. The central paragraph should acknowledge the receiver to be able to become a member of the church. The letter should be concluded by welcoming the receiver to the Catholic community. Since this is a special letter, the tone of the letter should be calm, not too cheerful or overjoyed.

Catholic Confirmation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of a Catholic Confirmation Letter.


Reverend David Leeson


Holy Catholic Church of St. Peters,

1842-Spruce Drive,

Scottdale, PA 15683,


The United States of America



Jason S. Lezama

2653-Charter Street,

Winchester, KS 66097,


The United States of America

Subject: Confirmation to Holy Catholic Church of St. Peters

Dear Mr. Jason S. Lezama,

It is with the glory of our Lord Jesus and his disciples that I inform you of your confirmation to the Holy Catholic Church of St. Peters as one of its faithful parishioners.  Hence, I heartily congratulate you for the same.

You have been found faithful to the mass services for the past year since you moved to this neighborhood. We believe that you shall continue to maintain the same behavior and also inspire others to maintain a goodwill like yours. The community is proud of as well as thankful to you for the generous services you have provided. Considering the ceremonies regarding your baptisation, I would like to tell you that you have also completed the catechism classes conducted from DD/MM/YYYY, to DD/MM/YYYY, as well as undergone the sprinkling of waters on baptism in the testimony of your faith. The appointment will be effective from DD/MM/YYYY, should you accept the invitation.

I, once again, congratulate you for the confirmation. With this confirmation, you are welcomed into the Catholic community at the Holy Catholic Church of St. Peters.

Thanking you for your time.

Yours in Christ,

Reverend David Leeson,


Holy Catholic Church of St. Peters


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