Catalogue Introduction Letter

Catalogue Introduction Letter – Introduction

A Catalogue Introduction letter is a sort of brochure. It’s a catalogue that gives all relevant information about a firm, product or a company. This can either be brief or detailed. The aim is to give as much information as possible- all in a single look. The aim is for the reader to grasp as much information as they can in a single glance of the catalogue.

Therefore the main points in a catalogue should be highlighted/ mentioned. This letter can have several pointers as it is seen that conveying messages is easiest through pointers. Start off the letter with information about the company and then proceed to give information about the product. These catalogues can either be personalized that are sent to a specific client list or they can be generalized, that is for the general public/ reader to see. Also mention specifically where the pictures of the product are available.

Catalogue Introduction Letter Sample

The sample letter for catalogue introduction is given below:

NY Company

New York

USA- 9386288


The Bag

New York


Subject: Introduction of New Range of Bags

Respected Sir,

The Bag takes great pride in celebrating five years of partnership with your company, the NY company. Over these years, both our companies have profited from this partnership which generates a turnover of $10 million on an annual basis. Which is why The Bag thought it would be best to introduce its latest range of bags with our oldest and most loyal customer i.e your company.

On June 25th, The Bag aims to introduce its latest range of products – The Man Bag. A range of bags specially designed for office going men. It is as chic and stylish as it gets. The unique selling point of this range is that it is a laptop bag as well as a normal handbag for men. We are currently making the bags using leather and suede only.

The launch party of the same will be on June 25th 7:00 pm at The Empire Hotel. We have invited Mr Chuck Bass, the epitome of men fashion wear to launch our product. We cordially invite you to the launch, your presence will make the event all the more better.

We are making the bag in 3 sizes for now  – 16 inch, 20 inches, and 24 inches. It will be available in 4 basic colors: Black, brown, grey and white. It has 5 pockets and one laptop carrier. It is waterproof and can resist temperatures up to 150 Degree Celcius.

We would like to extend a contract for $3 million dollars for 2 shipments of the bag. We would be happy to conduct a quality check for you at your office at a time and date convenient to you. Please find attached pictures of our product.

We look forward to a long and profitable association with you.

Thank you

Karan Sahni



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