Casual Leave Letter

A casual leave application letter is written when an employee needs to leave his office for a specific number of days due to some personal work.

While writing a Casual Leave Letter, one needs to make sure that they maintain a formal tone. The letter should mainly begin with the date you are taking leave from and the date on when you will resume work. The most important part in this is that you need to mention your reason for taking the leave. Lastly, you need to assure the employer that you will either take time out to do the work from home, or assign someone in the office to do it for you, or you do it before you leave or after you come back from your leave. Given below is an example of a Casual Leave Letter.

Casual Leave Letter – Sample


Rahul Kapoor,

Sparks Pvt. Ltd.

Ferns Corner,

Colaba, Mumbai.



The Employer,

Sparks Pvt. Ltd.

Ferns Corner,

Colaba, Mumbai.

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter to apply for my casual leave for one week. I would like to bring to your notice that I have not taken any single leave this year and thus I would like to make use of those extra leaves now. This is because my cousin has come down all the way from the states and we plan to have a full family get together at our farmhouse at Mahabaleshwar.

We plan to leave on DD/MM/YYYY and return on DD//MM/YYYY. After which I will resume work from DD/MM/YYYY.

I have managed to complete most of my job and the rest I plan to do from home and during the vacation. If I am unable to do so due to some reasons, then I  have appointed Mr. Karan Patel to do the needful till I return. I will communicate with him as to what is to be done if I am unable to work from home.

It would be grateful to you if you could accept my casual leave letter so that I can spend some time with my cousin and the other family members.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Rahul Kapoor.

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