Resignation Letter for Career Change


Many experts change their careers for many reasons while working on prestigious positions in prestigious organizations. For example Mr Raghunath Rajan while working as Governor in Reserve bank of India, i.e. prestigious position in prestigious organization opted to go in for yet another prestigious profession of teaching as an expert in economics. Job satisfaction is one of the important criteria for the skilled people / experts for changing their career. For the middle management people the perks, salary, liking in particular type of job matching with their skill are the criteria for changing career. To stay near the beloveds is a criteria for the people in working category for changing careers.

In any case it is the duty of a person to inform in advance his plan of changing career to management with resignation letter, so that it will be convenient for both the person and organization to act for the change, without affecting other offices, in time. While changing career, a experience letter from the presently working organization is always required, so you must use polite language in your resignation letter.



The following is sample for writing a Resignation Letter for Career change

A J John
Managing Director
BEST, Nepean sea road,
Mumbai   400025

Date 1.5.2017

Johnson Gloria,
7,Doctor house, Cross road,
Mumbai 400016

Subject: Sincerest Resignation Letter

Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. {designation and name of authority in the company to receive your resignation letter}

I am glad to inform that during my tenure of service as Assistant Engineer, I have prepared and appeared for the examination held by UPSC-Civil Services in October 2016 and now I am selected for the post of IFS and instructed to join for the training of this job within three months. I am thankful to you and our organisation for permitting me to study and for appearing for this prestigious examination. There is a massive contribution of this organisation as the knowledge gained on the issues of inventory, finance, along with engineering maintenance practices.

Kindly furnish me the experience and character certificates for my records.

I wish the company and the employees a great future.

Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Johnson Gloria


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