Cancellation Of Wedding Letter

A Cancellation of Wedding Letter is written to announce that a wedding has been canceled or postponed. The wedding may be canceled due to several reasons, such as doubts regarding the partner, unhealthy habits of the partner, or family issues. However, the attendees must be informed about the cancellation of the same. Since informing everyone in person would be difficult and too time-consuming, writing a letter to all would be equally convenient.

Since some relatives who have been invited to the wedding may be coming from different towns or even countries, he/she should be written immediately once the decision has been taken to call off the wedding. The reason to cancel the wedding must be mentioned briefly. Also, if the wedding has been postponed, then the date of the same should be mentioned. The letter should be concluded by apologizing to the reader for any inconvenience caused to him or her.

Cancellation Of Wedding Letter Sample

The following is a sample of a Cancellation of Wedding Letter.


Ruchi Khanna,

Rd Number 8, Icrisat Colony Phase 2,





Deepak Sharma

78, Syed Amir Ali Ave,


West Bengal-700019

Subject: Cancellation of My Wedding

Dear Deepak,

I regret to inform you that I have taken the decision to call off my marriage with Shivam Kumar which was supposed to be held on DD/MM/YYYY. You might be very shocked with the wedding being called off, however, the step has been taken after considerable thought.

As you might already be knowing that Shivam is, our neighbor, Mr. Mahendra Kumar’s son, my parents were delighted to get Shivam and I married. My parents always shared a fine bond with the Kumars. They believe that the Kumars are straightforward and decent people. However, the same could not be held valid for their son as well. I recently got to know that their son has the unfavorable habit of betting. Even Shivam’s parents were unaware of this. But now when they do know, they are equally regretful of the same. This habit has caused them an immense loss. I was afraid to reveal to my parents about my decision initially, but I am happy that my parents have supported me in the decision without the fear of what people will say.

You might have made preparations to come, and I appreciate your efforts. However, I apologize to you any inconvenience the cancellation of the event might have caused you. I hope you will understand the matter.

Yours truly,


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