Cancellation Of Lease Agreement Letter

A lease is a legal document which reflects understanding between the parties involved that the owner of that particular property has agreed to lease out or rent the space or property to the individual in question. A lease could be rolled out for any sort of property- a house, an office, a shop etc

Typically all leases include a time duration, after which both parties need to decide whether they wish to continue with the lease or partnership or wish to terminate it. A cancellation of lease agreement signifies that one party wishes to terminate their association in regard to the lease.  If one wishes you can state the reason as to why they wish to cancel the lease agreement.

This could also include information about when you wish the clear the property as well. Refer to the sample letter given below for more information on how to write a cancellation of lease agreement letter:

Cancellation Of Lease Agreement Letter Sample

House no 8

Vadella House


12th June 2017

House no 9

Vadella House


Subject: Cancellation of Lease Agreement

Mr Sharma,

I am writing this letter to you following the matter we had discussed yesterday on cancellation of the lease of the house. I regret to inform you that since my college is ending, I will be required to shift back home due to which I will no longer be able to reside in this apartment anymore.

Due to this reason, I am writing to you, to cancel our lease agreement letter. According to our lease, the duration for which the house is leased out to me is 11 months. In accordance to this, I have been renewing my lease every 11 months over the past two years. However, I wish to now formally cancel the lease of this apartment due to the reason stated above.

I thank you for extending a roof over my head for the past two years. My stay has been nothing less than comfortable. As a tenant, you and Mrs. Sharma were extremely sweet. You always looked after my needs and never even pressed for the monthly rental. I was lucky enough to find a home with you.

I sincerely hope you take my circumstance into consideration and cancel my lease at the earliest. I wish for it to be a smooth and fast process so that I can finish this work before I leave for my hometown.

Please let me know of all the documents that are required from me to go ahead with this process.

Thank You

Diksha Chopra

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