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A Cancel Gym Membership Letter is written when a member of a particular gym is not happy with his/her gym membership or due to some personal reasons they intend to cancel their gym membership. Cancellation of your membership from a certain club usually happens when you are not satisfied with the services offered by that particular company, and thus you would like to discontinue the membership of this particular club or association.

A Cancel Gym Membership Letter shall contain all your documents such as your name and your membership number. All of such relevant details shall be mentioned in the first paragraph itself. You can also specify the name of your gym trainer if you ever had or have any and also include your reason for canceling the membership.

Mentioning the cause will help the club or association enhance their services for their other members. If it’s a personal reason for which you are canceling the membership then mention that too if you are comfortable with the association knowing the reason. Since it a membership cancellation letter, your letter shall be polite and at the same time formal. Given below is the example of a Cancel Gym Membership Letter which can be used when you write your letter.

Campaign Fundraising Letter Sample


Kabir Rohra,

2- Tulip Bungalows,

Rockside Street,

Pali Hill, Bandra,




Akshay Grover,

Goldspot Gym,

Rockside Street,

Pali Hill, Bandra,


Respected Sir,

My name is Kabir Rohra, and I am a regular customer at your gym for the past four years. I would like to bring to your notice that I need to cancel my gym membership with your club as I am facing a bad road accident injury because of which I cannot continue with my gym sessions any further.

My gym membership no. Is 2245786 and my trainer is Mr. Pulkit Arora. According to the gym membership scheme, I do not require to pay for the days or months I am not using the gym, and since my doctor has advised me to not lift any weights or do any strenuous activities for five complete months, I prefer I withdraw my gym membership.

I have to pay for the last two months after which I would not be coming to the gum for any physical exercise. Goldspot is a very good gym, and I am going to refer this gym to most of my friends. I have attached a copy of my medical reports for you to refer. For any further questions, you can contact me on 022-44557766.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Kabir Rohra.

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