Campaign Fundraising Letter

Campaign Fundraising Letter


A campaign fundraising letter is written to solicit donations as part of the fundraising campaign for a company for a particular purpose. Campaign fundraisers often end up bringing the whole community together, giving them a sense of purpose and belonging that gets them going. A fundraising letter is usually written to invite people to come and be a part of the campaign and make donations for the cause.

The campaign fundraising letter should contain the details of the fundraising campaign. These details include the name of the person or institution organizing the events, and the benefit of the recipient to consider participating in the fundraising request. It should be a well-written letter to win the favor of the potential donor. Do mention the benefits of the fundraiser and the impact it will make as it is this information which sensitizes your sponsors to the cause.

Campaign Fundraising Letter Sample

The sample Campaign Fundraising Letter is given below:


Clifford M. Smith


Spring Homes

1284 Spring Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19108



Michael Manor

Liberty Corporation

803 Court Street
Union, MO 98734

Dear Sir,

RE: Fundraising Campaign

I am writing on behalf of Spring Homes to invite you to participate in our fundraising campaign to feed the homeless at the end of the month. We are organizing this fundraiser for the “Children’s Home’ NGO. This NGO has been functioning since YYYY and has so far fed 4,037 homeless people across Delhi.

During the Christmas season, the residents of Spring Homes went around the neighborhood and found many homeless on the streets. As we were not prepared for the overwhelming numbers then, we could not assist all of those on the streets. It was extremely unfortunate. As it is the holiday season, we felt it is our duty to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Hence, Spring Homes has launched a fundraising campaign to feed the homeless in our community every end of the month. We are inviting your kind participation in this ‘Feed-the-Homeless’ campaign with your kind donation, which would go towards buying the food for the homeless. It is the time we come together as a community and spread happiness to all around us, in whatever small or big way we can.

Please make your checks out to ‘Feed-the-Homeless’ campaign so that we can bless those who have less than us. God bless you for your kind donation.

We hope to see you all at the fundraiser on DD/MM/YYYY at 12 pm. Please log on to our website to buy your entry passes. All those wishing to purchase a stall at the fundraiser kindly contact Ms. Smith at 972820272.


Yours truly,

Clifford M. Smith


Spring Homes

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