Business Trip Approval Letter


There are cases, especially in various division of a company where the employees are required to make trips outside of their current work city to go ahead and start or complete a project for the company. This trip may be taken to extend a new business vertical or to simply attend meetings to further the company’s network in an attempt to make favorable alliances for the future.

If it is a trip that is being initiated by the employee itself they are required to take special permission from the head of the organization. When this request is being made, it is advised to mention full details of this business trip. These details include the dates of the trip, the venue or destination of the event, the reason for you to be taking this trip and most importantly, the estimated cost of the entire expenses to be incurred.

Business Trip Approval Letter – Sample

The sample Business Trip Approval Letter is given below:


Chief Executive officer

UC Company

8 building

Cyber City

Gurgaon -1232435



Rakesh Singh

UC Company

8 building

Cyber City

Gurgaon -1232435

Subject: Approval of Business Trip

Respected Sir,

As discussed in the Vice President meet up in the company which was held on the 12th of Aug, there was a unanimous decision to go ahead and expand the business of our company to cities beyond Delhi.

After conducting a thorough market study, where every nitty gritty of the case was not only researched upon but also discussed by the VPs of all departments, we have narrowed down the next city to Mumbai.

However, a thorough ground research needs to be conducted to finalise the decision. Which is why I request you to allow me to personally lead a team of five to Mumbai to carry out research in the city. We want to conduct a cost benefit analysis of this expansion, and it can only be done once we fly down to the city.

We were hoping to schedule this trip from the 1-7th of the next Month. The estimated cost for a five person trip, including boarding, lodging and research cost will amount up to a total of 2.5 lakh rupees.

We wanted to get your approval first, before taking any further steps. I would be more than happy to discuss the details of this trip at a time that is convenient for you. I request you to get back to me at the earliest.

Thank you

Rakesh Singh

Vice President

Business Development

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