Business To Customer Introduction Letter, Sample & Format


This is usually done in the form of a market emailer. The whole point of introducing a new business to your customer means that you are presenting your brand new business idea to your target audience. For doing this, companies often resort to an elevator pitch as readers or better so- customers do not have the patience and time to read about your work in detail.

Therefore, these letters should be crisp and short. So that more information about your business can be conveyed through the fewer words.Make sure that these emailers look presentable and catchy so that it intrigues the customer and attracts them to read more content. All relevant details about your business should be mentioned. Follow a proper methodology, the inverted pyramid format. Where the most important information comes at the top and the rest of the letter has information in decreasing order of relevance.


Company YY

3rd Floor, Cyber City


Subject: Introduction of New Business

Marketing Dept

Company YY

3rd Floor, Cyber City



Respected All,

Company YY is proud to present its latest venture- the introduction of at-home salon services just for you all! Are you tired of going to the parlor and not getting satisfactory results? Or having to wait for a long duration of time in Que before your turn finally comes? Or several other obstacles such as transport issues to and fro the parlor. Possibly the worst for working girls- wasting hours of your weekend at the parlor to get the perfect look for a party when all you want to do is chill and having everything done at your convenience?

Which is why Company YY brings to you your very own at home salon services. Do not worry; we provide everything from waxing to pedicures to even at home spas! Can’t believe it? Check it out for yourself by downloading our app- YYSalon or check out our website-

Just book a day and time that fits your convenience and our specialist will be at your house not only on time but well before time as well! You do not even have to worry about cleaning up the mess as our girls carry their hygiene disposal bags with the purpose of cleaning up after.

What’s best is that our specialists only offer premium products and a variety of that too. So you do not have to worry about any skill problems. Try out our new branch today! If you are a first time user, then avail our first coupon code- YYsalon that can get you a 20% discount on your very first service.

Thank you


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