Business To Business Introduction Letter

Every time there is a new player in the market one should introduce themselves to the existing setups in the industry. This is usually done in the form of a newsletter or a personalized letter to all players in this particular industry.

The Business To Business Introduction letter under consideration here is written by a clothing company which is launching a new line, especially for teenage girls. This Business Introduction Letter is a formal letter which includes details about their upcoming business plans. One may also request to partner with the other company for some time in the future. In general, when introducing a new business, it is recommended to write all relevant details about the business to acquaint others in the market about your up coming venture. This is a marketing strategy employed by several firms in the industry. Refer to the letter given below for more information on the same.

Business To Business Introduction Letter – Sample

AK Business House





Shiva Clothing Apparel

Cyber City


Subject: Introduction of new Business

Respected Ma’am,

As you are aware, our parent company- Shiva Business house is branching to the clothing industry and starting a whole new line of clothes. Given that your business is the top most in this field, we felt it was only right to formally introduce ourselves to the masters in the game.

Our new clothing line is particular- we are starting with the clothing line for female teenagers, aged from 12-18 years of age. In the coming few years we then hope to branch out and start producing clothes for a wider audience. Since this is our pilot venture, we are keeping it small and simple.

We have an array of designers, all hailing from the top most designing institutions across the globe. These include Parsons School of Design in New York, National Institute of Fashion Technology as well as NID.

According to our plan of action, we will be launching three stores across Gurgaon, starting with the first and biggest one in Ambience Mall Gurgaon. By the end of YYYY, we hope to launch a total of 3 stores across the cities. If things go well, we will be expanding our business not only to the female population but the male one as well.

We are extremely excited about our new venture and look forward to working with others in the industry as well.

Thank you for your time.

Pandit Narayana

Chief Executive Officer



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