Business Sympathy Letter

Introduction :

A sympathy letter is written when a person is going through some difficult times in his/her life. A business sympathy letter is written by an individual to another business person who has suffered a huge business loss. Business is a risky thing and has its highs and lows. Without taking the risk, a business can’t survive. The risk may either result in gain or loss. When a loss happens, the businessman not only suffers financially but also mentally. It is a good thing as a fellow entrepreneur to show some sympathy towards him/her.

A business sympathy letter is a formal letter written by a businessman to another who has suffered a huge loss recently. It mentions how sad they are upon hearing the loss and would also be willing to help in whatever way they can. In need, a kind word can help a lot more than one can imagine.

Business Sympathy Letter – Sample :

The following is the sample of business sympathy letter.



Vibhor Shah,


Vibhor Shah & Co.



Ritika Jain,


Jain Enterprises Pvt Ltd.

Subject – Consolation Letter.

Dear Ms. Jain,

I recently heard about the loss faced by your enterprise. Since I have known you beyond our business relations, I felt really sad upon hearing of your loss. Take my deepest condolences for the same.

I looked into the matter and found out that it happened because of fraud committed by one of your employees. It’s really sad to see that the employees whom we entrust so much can stoop so low just for the sake of some money. I hope that the judgment taken by the court is in your favor and the person responsible gets punished.

However, I know that mere words can undo the damage that your enterprise has caused. I have known you since the inception of your business, and it feels like my own business has suffered a huge blow. So, if there’s any help I can do financially, I would be glad to do it. I know the times are hard and you can’t trust everyone but still, do inform me if you need anything.

Once again, I hope the person gets punished, and you can restore some of the loss incurred. I am more than willing to help you if needed.

Yours sincerely,

Vibhor Shah,


Vibhor Shah & Co.

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